Will Gilmer Guest Lecture

A few weeks ago in my computer applications class, we had a guest lecturer by the name of Will Gilmer. Mr. Gilmer is a partner in the Gilmer Dairy Farm located in Lamar County Alabama. For his lecture he Skyped us and talk to us about his farm and his perspective on “agvocacy.” It was really neat to see and speak with someone who devotes his life and work to his farm and agvocacy. Agvocacy is something we have been focusing on all semester long in this class so I really enjoyed getting to see how he gets the word out about his farm beliefs. He also spoke to us about his daily routines and how he keeps up with everything, which includes several social media sites and a blog, which was very impressive!I never fully realized how much time and energy went into the farming industry and it gave you a new perspective on where your food products comes from. Mr. Gilmer was extremely informative and provided a lot of insight on the life of farmers. I would highly recommend checking out his blog and following him on Facebook and Twitter. You will learn a lot and will definitely get a kick out of some of his post!


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